Chance Alexander Rootes
On October 7th 2001 at 3:36am my son came into this world while I tried not passing out. During the proceedure I almost fainted a few times. I was supposed to hold Carrie's hand and support her, but she was supporting me! I had to leave the operating room twice. When Chance was finally pulled from Carrie I was sitting on the floor in the operating room, leaning against the wall. I was still dizzy when they put my son in my arms wrapped in receiving blankets.

Chance Alexander 17 days old

I know one day, when Chance is old enough to surf the Internet he'll find this picture of himself and probably want to strangle his father. He's so intelligent and very receptive.

Chance looking

Chance being a ham

Robert and Chance

Chance sleeping

Chance had enough

Let me out of here!

Pancakes yummy!

Summer in the Sprinkler


Big Smiles



The Bridge

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