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The following is an excerpt from SOUL TAKERS, a novel available at, Borders, Barnes & Noble. I’ve included some things readers have said about the book. I hope you enjoy the book and will be on the look out for it. I am currently doing book signing throughout the United States. I hope to see you there. I am also working on my next novel, which will be available by January 2002. Excerpts from that novel will appear at, and my personal web site.

Some words about SOUL TAKERS from readers…

***** More Than Just a Kiss “The final showdown between the Soul Takers and the vampires leaves you on the edge of your seat. A must read.”

**** Captivating and dreamlike ”… draws you deeper and deeper into the novel until your completely lost…the heavy sexual content is desire and passion beyond what ordinary people could ever imagine…”

*** Sensual, Erotic Fun “I love the way these beings take the soul and not blood…”

***** Exciting, sexy and intriguing---a real page turner!! “The characters are very well written, the plot took me places I didn't expect and the premise of the novel is something so different…”

**** Something for most everyone “It's sexy, has horror, drama, suspense and more…”




Psyche had heard it; but she wasn’t the only one.
       “Oh Psyche, what have you done?” Damien asked as he looked at her under the starlight.
       They could feel the girl’s calls in the night. It was on a warm current of wind that rode through the cold, spring night. The currents had an inner voice that came to and wrapped around them, calling Psyche’s name, rubbing the back of their necks, and running its fingers all over them in greeting and intensity.
       Psyche was silent. She had her arms folded on herself. They were staring down on the town from the high deserted, grassy hill they’d parked the van.
       It was just Damien and Psyche tonight. They’d come back to this little town because of some unfinished business. It’d been almost a week since they were last here. Damien wanted to visit his new friend, the demon at the church. Psyche had been unusually quiet and keeping to herself. She’d made a visit to someone as well in this little burgh, and Damien heard the results of her excursion into curiosity. She’d hid this new friend from even Damien, which meant Psyche was feeling something more than her once contented life had carried. Damien picked up the outlines of a young female. Someone who saw Psyche as escape and ecstasy.
       He’d wanted to probe deeper into Psyche’s thoughts, to ask the right questions and see what the goddess gave him as answers. But he felt it wasn’t his place to pry as long as it didn’t involve hurting the rest of the Family. He couldn’t deny the girl was calling out for help. Damien was never one to pass up someone in real distress. His alter ego, the dark hero he wanted to be, wouldn’t allow it.
       He walked to Psyche’s side and looked at her beautiful profile. She was hurting. She wanted to be with this girl. Damien half thought it’d been the girl that had worked the spell on Psyche. Her uncharacteristic silence, her taking to sleeping alone in her own room, her late night walks down the barren road the Family now lived on, all pointed to the fact that she might have given up on waiting for Damien to be her companion.
       “What’s her name?” Damien needed to know.
       Psyche turned to him, she moved a little closer to him. There were tears very near the surface of those bright eyes.
       “Jordan?” It was a very pretty name for a girl. He tried to imagine a face that would go with the name. One came to mind, a troubled, scared little girl in the arms of an old man. Damien shook the thought away.
       “This may not be a good idea,” Damien warned. “Missing people, especially young people, don’t go away easily. They show up on posters all over the country like that,” he snapped his fingers. The loud crack had hushed a few crickets close to where the two of them stood. “We could be taking on more than we can handle.” Though it sounded absurd because he thought there really was nothing Psyche couldn’t handle.
       She looked quizzically at him and said, “that’s not like you. I thought you loved a challenge.”
       “Well I do.” He half shrugged. Then he smiled, and stepped behind her and wrapped his arms around her. He held on tight, and stared down at the sleepy little town. “But we have to consider the situation. This girl will be missed. We were already missing when you found us. ” He couldn’t bring himself to say Melissa’s name.
       “Besides, how old is she?”
       “Fifteen.” He sighed away his anger and apprehension.
       “Oh Psyche,” he said again. “What have you done?”
       “She’s special Damien. She has the gift. And her soul is very old.”
       “Don’t you think fifteen is still a little young for this girl to be with us? This isn’t like with Elf. She’s waiting until she’s at least seventeen before she takes her first.” Taylor had made the decision not to be turned until she was old enough to get on without someone wondering where her parents were.
       She’d almost crossed over once before, she would’ve done anything to win Joshua’s approval. If it hadn’t been for Damien and Melissa to talk her out of it she’d have lost her whole childhood. She might’ve missed all the things that made a person what they are. It all began with growing up.
       “She’s different,” Psyche argued. “Taylor’s still twelve, Jordan’s almost sixteen, and she’s already lived more than her share of life.” Psyche thought about saying more in defense but stopped herself. Damien would have to find out things for himself. She had no doubts that he could he was very resourceful.
       “She’s ready for something new,” Psyche added. She pushed hard against Damien to make him hug her tighter, and lay her head against his chest. Damien breathed in the clean scent of her hair.
       “She’s ready for us.”
       “I hope you’re right,” Damien replied in defeat.



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