School Daze
ABOUT THIS STORY: This story was written in 1988. I think it has a pretty good idea but I didn't take a lot of time developing it. Looking back I can see the way I was going to find the Soul Takers. I think I had intended to try a different kind of vampire for a long time. Hope it at least entertains you during a rainy day.

The Fourth period bell rang. She walked out of class and moved with the throng of students down the hall. Her books were clutched tightly to her breasts with her small pale hands. She passed two teenage girls that were discussing the apparent suicide of a student from the North Side High School on the other side of the city. He had a self inflicted wound to his throat. She paid no attention to the girls and went on her way.
       She was very beautiful and had the looks of a sixteen year old. She had pale, almost white skin. Her hair was light blonde, that shown translucent under the florescent lighting of the halls. Her eyes were a pale blue. A washed out color that was so close to white that it made some people look twice to see if she had irises at all. The irises were circled in a black outline. She wore no make-up, or if she did Tim couldn’t tell.
       From the first day of school, less than a month now, she wore black. Every piece of her clothing never varied from the color. Her gothic look kept most of the other students from getting to know her.
       She reached her fifth period class and a tall young man stepped in front of her and pushed the books out of her hands. This drew attention and a small crowd gathered quickly around them. She stared at him. Tim was standing close to her back and waited. He was ready to interject but something made his feet glued to the floor tile. He watched in silence as the face of the young man hardened. There was a silence between them and Tim watched the young man’s expression change to something other than anger. Tim had never seen the young man before.
       “What did you do that for?” She asked the young man. She squatted to pick up her books. Tim was beside her and had the opportunity to gather her textbooks before she did. He couldn’t help but smile as he handed them to her. She finally noticed him and returned the smile. Then Tim saw the young man staring at him and he backed away.
       “I know who you are,” the young man said to the girl.
       “Good for you,” she told him and tried to get by the tall teenager without touching him to get into her class. He moved in front of her again.
       “Don’t play stupid with me, bitch,” He told her to the delight of the crowd. Oohs echoed around Tim and the girl. “I know you had something to do with Rodney dying.” Where the crowd had made noise they hushed immediately. There was something too serious that was exchanged between the young stranger and the girl. Tim was glancing around at some of the students as they moved off as if the words had scared them. He was searching for a teacher that could stop the young man from accusing the girl.
       Tim saw the girl’s face darken. She narrowed her eyes at the boy. “Get out of my way.”
       “I’m going to the police,” he threatened.
       “Get out of my way,” she said again. There had been a change in her voice that gave Tim chills and he seemed to be the only other person besides the young man that noticed it. The young man moved to the side and let the girl pass.
       Tim was left standing in the hall with the angry young man staring down at him. He swallowed and tried to take a step back. The young man pushed by Tim and disappeared into the crowd that was dispersing. Tim watched him go. He locked eyes with another young man standing next to the lockers. He was another new student that was taller than Tim and had muscles showing under his black T-shirt. The young man moved off after the stranger.
       Before Tim went on to his own fourth period class he glanced into the classroom. The girl was staring back at him. Tim didn’t know the girl’s name. He had been drawn to her from the moment he laid eyes on her. But he didn’t have the courage to introduce himself. Picking up her books was the first time he had been in proximity to her. He could still smell her sweet perfume surrounding him in a warm aura. He still didn’t know her name.

There was a local news report at eleven that night Tim watched on the TV in his bedroom. There had been a car accident. The reporter was live at the scene, Tim saw the burning vehicle in the distance behind the man in the raincoat reporting that a unidentified teenager had apparently lost control of the Ford and collided with the guard rail to the bridge. The impact had forced the car off the bridge. There was an unconfirmed report the unidentified male had been decapitated in the accident.

It was three days later when Tim noticed the photo of a familiar young man on the newspaper his father was reading at the breakfast table. The senior school photo resembled the face of the young man that had harassed the new girl at Tim’s school.
       The realization stayed with him throughout the day at school. He saw his object of desire early that day but hadn’t bothered to follow her like he had done for most of the autumn semester. She looked at Tim and gave him a smile as she pulled a textbook from her locker when he passed. Tim felt the rush of heat in his face and loins but moved on to his class without stopping.
       Lunch period Tim found his usual table and picked over the dry fish sticks and overcooked tater-tots. His best friend Chester sat across from him. Tim found himself watching the girl more than his food. When he accidentally dipped his fish stick in the chocolate pudding instead of the tartar sauce Chester laughed at him.
       “Why don’t you just go talk to her,” Chester suggested. Then he went on, “she might want some.”
       Tim frowned at Chester; he didn’t understand what Chester was getting at. “Some what?”
       Chester laughed harder. “You said it, I didn’t.” He turned around so he could look at the girl along with Tim. “I can see why you are so infatuated with her.”
       Tim nodded when Chester looked at him again.
       “You’ve been chasing her since the first week of school. You should at least go talk to her. She looks like she needs a friend.”
       Tim nodded again, looking back to the girl.
       “Well, go talk to her. Listen to your psychiatrist, I know what I’m talking about.”
       The nervousness in Tim’s belly was bubbling up into his throat. He couldn’t finish eating the pasty by-product the cafeteria called lunch. He was considering what Chester had said. He was trying to convince himself to get the courage to finally have a conversation with the girl. He watched her sitting at the table near the exit. There wasn’t anyone sitting with her. No one ever sat with her. Tim couldn’t understand why she hadn’t made any friends. She was more beautiful than any girl he had ever fantasized about. He thought the other girls in the school were just jealous of her. She never ate lunch. She usually read a book or worked on homework.
       “All right,” Tim said as he slammed his fist on the table. “I’ll do it!”
       “Finally!” Chester shouted.
       Tim stood up just as the end of the lunch period bell rang. The rest of the student body got up and moved to empty their trays. Chester stood and laughed as he moved away from the long table with his tray in his hand. He glanced to the girl as she got up from her seat.
       “Go on,” He said to Tim. “Before she takes off.”
       Tim nudged his way through the crowd with his tray half full of food. He emptied the tray into the garbage by the door and dropped the tray on top of the others next to the trashcan. His heart was racing in his chest as he moved to take up position behind the girl. He felt uncomfortable following her but couldn’t work out how to get her attention so he could finally talk to her.
       The girl moved to the side of the hall and slowed as she got to her locker. She stopped in front of it and opened it as she turned to look directly at Tim. The beauty of her was so stunning that Tim stopped in his tracks. Another student stumbled into his then called Tim a name other than his own as he moved around Tim.
       Tim was pushed a little closer to the girl.
       “Uh,” Tim sounded when he was a few feet from her. He wasn’t looking directly at her face. He stared at her black oxford shoes. He wanted to look anywhere but straight ahead.
       “My name’s-” he started.
       “Tim,” she finished. Her voice was high and sweet.
       Tim found he had to tilt his head up to look into her eyes with bewilderment.
       “I saw your name on your folder.” She pointed to what he held in his hands.
       Tim glanced to the blue folder with his name in large block letters penciled on the surface.
       He flashed a smile back at the girl staring at him with those wondrous light blue eyes.
       “My name’s Deanna Demond,” she said with a laugh. “But don’t let the name fool you.” She held out her hand for Tim to take.
       Tim held her small hand in his. Her flesh was cold and much paler then his own. He opened his hand but she didn’t let go of it. This was uncharacteristic of a teenage girl. It stuck Tim as a little odd but didn’t dwell on it. He assumed Deanna was from a place where courtesy was superior to what he was accustomed to.
       “So what took you so long?” she asked when she finally released his hand.
       I-uh, I don’t know.” Tim was mortified. He felt like he had both feet in his mouth and was working on swallowing his legs.
       “You’ve been following me around for a while.” She pointed out.
       “I- uh, I’m sorry.” He stumbled over his words. He didn’t know how he was supposed to respond to her light accusations of stalking.
       “It’s okay,” she assured him. She put her hand on his bare arm. A wave of goose bumps ran up his arm from her touch. “I don’t think you’re a psycho.”
       Tim laughed like a fool. “Thanks,” he said for lack of something better.
       He felt he had made a terrible first impression. He watched Deanna’s expression; looking for any indication that would tell him she wasn’t interested. She gave off a pleasant atmosphere that he didn’t want to move away from.
       Deanna selected a book and notebook from her locker and closed it.
       “I have to get to my English class,” she told him and started moving away from Tim. “Maybe we can talk some other time.”
       “Sure. No problem. Great.” Tim nodded with his words.
       “Bye.” Deanna waved and disappeared into the swarm.
       Someone clapped Tim on his back. He turned to see Chester grinning at him.
       “About fucking time!” Chester said and went on his way.

The next day Deanna sat at her usual table. She looked over to Tim while he was watching her. To Tim’s delight she motioned for him to join her.
       Tim took his tray of undistinguishable foodstuffs over to her table. He found he was short of breath. He was glad Chester was right behind him.
       When he got to the table someone slid into the place next to Deanna, as Tim was ready to sit across from her.
       Bill Johnson was a jock and prided himself as a popular person. At six foot, four inches Tim felt Bill’s muscles weren’t really needed to intimidate him. But they were there under his tight T-shirt. Tim considered every school had its Bill. He couldn’t understand why Bill Johnson hadn’t made a move on Deanna before this.
       “Where do you think your going, asshole?” Bill said looking at Tim. He placed his fists on the table by Deanna’s textbook.
       Tim was vivid but unable to say anything as he stood there like a fool with his tray still in his hands. He could feel eyes of other students watching for a fight to issue.
       “He was going to sit with me,” Deanna said for Tim.
       Bill looked to Deanna then back to Tim. He flexed his fists in the process then put his hand on Deanna’s hand on the table.
       Tim felt the heat rise up into his face. His knuckles turned white while holding the cafeteria tray.
       Deanna wrapped her hand over Bill’s hand. Tim watched her squeeze.
       “Look, Bill,” she started, her tone was low and her teeth clenched. “I didn’t invite you to join me. I don’t even like you.” Tim watched her turn her hand with Bill’s still in her grip. His fingers were pushed together Tim heard the knuckles creak. Bill’s face paled. “Why don’t you fuck off?" With the last part she let go of Bill’s hand in a motion that seemed to throw the jock off balance.
       Bill stood and moved away from the table cradling his hand. Tim sat down across from Deanna. He felt his throat had gone dry and realized his mouth was wide open. He snapped it shut.
       “I like the way you took care of Bill,” Chester said for Tim. He seated himself next to Tim.
       Tim felt a jab in his ribs. He shot a look at Chester. Chester grinned at him then looked at Deanna.
       “He gets like this when he doesn’t have his morning coffee.”
       Deanna looked at Tim and smiled politely.
       “He wants to ask you out.” Chester pointed out.
       Tim glared at Chester. He tensed his jaw muscles.
       Sweating, Tim looked back at Deanna. “Uh-don’t listen to-”
       “What lizard lips is trying to say,” Chester interjected, “is he wants to take you to the dance Saturday night.”
       “You tell his humbleness that I would love to go.”
       “You would?” Tim and Chester said simultaneously.
       Deanna looked at Chester. “As long as your puppy doesn’t tag along.”
       Chester looked at his wrist, minus his watch. “Well, look at the time. I gotta go.” He stood and moved away from Tim and winked at him. Deanna and Tim watched him find a seat with three cheerleaders at a separate table. The cheerleaders got up and left Chester alone at the table.
       “What time is the dance?” Deanna asked.
       Tim stared at her. He took in the look in her eyes. His vision narrowed so nothing else was showing but Deanna.
       “Hello, earth to Tim.”
       Tim blinked as he came back into reality. “I’m sorry. What did you say?”
       “I asked what time the dance was.”
       “Starts at nine.”
       “Great. Are you going to pick me up?”
       “Um, well…”
       “You don’t have a car, do you?”
       Tim swallowed. “No,” he mumbled and looked at his sweaty hands.
       “It’s okay, if you come to my house I’ll drive.”
       They continued to talk through the rest of the lunch period. Deanna wrote down her address and handed it to Tim.
       “Why don’t you come over around seven? We can get to know each other.”
       Deanna stood and gathered her books. She gave Tim a simple smile and went to her class. Tim wondered how he was supposed to get to her house on the other end of town from his. He figured he would have to learn the city bus schedule.

Tim walked up the sidewalk to the colonial house. The lawn was manicured and the neighborhood was only something Tim saw from the passing traffic. There was a black 1966 Mustang in the driveway. He walked up the steps and waited at the front door. The porch light was off and he couldn’t see beyond the closed curtains. He thought it was the story of his life; Deanna might have had a good laugh over him.
       He sighed and ran his hands through his hair. Tim decided that he had gotten that far he might as well take the time to knock on the door instead of turning to walk away.
       He rapped on the door. After what seemed like a rushed minute to him he knocked again. It was while his knuckles came off the smooth oak door that he saw the doorbell to the right. Tim shook his head. He should have realized a place that size would have a doorbell. He decided he wouldn’t bother to ring it.
       Tim turned to go back down the steps when the front door opened.
       “Sorry it took me so long.” Someone said from behind his back. Tim’s heart was pumping hot blood through his limbs by the time he turned back to face Deanna.
       Deanna was standing in the doorway with a long black T-shirt. It went to her naked thighs. Tim had to swallow because her nipples were pressing against the dark material. Her hair was flat to her head, still wet.
       “Come on in.” Deanna went back into the house. She left the door open for Tim.
       Tim walked into the house and closed the heavy door behind him. He stood beyond the door and put his hands in his pockets. Perspiration started to bead down his back under his button down cotton shirt. He wore a black shirt because he thought she would appreciate it.
       Deanna leaned back into the dark foyer to look at Tim. “Come into the living room and have a seat. I’m not going to bite.”
       Tim wiped his shoes on the floor mat by the door before heading to the archway leading into the living room. The lamp by a long sofa was the only light. He could hear music drifting through the room from somewhere inside the house. He tentatively sat on the sofa. Deanna sat in the overstuffed chair to his side. Tim watched Deanna cross her legs.
       “I’m sorry I’m not ready yet. I was doing a lot of running around.”
       Tim tried to not stare at her bare legs.
       “That’s okay.”
       Deanna smiled at him. “Would you like something to drink?” she offered.
       “No thanks.” Tim’s throat was parched but he didn’t want to look like he was taking advantage of her hospitality. His eyes drifted around the living room. He was trying to look anywhere other than Deanna’s smooth legs.
       “Are your parents home?”
       “No. They went out.”
       Tim nodded and looked over the fireplace and bookshelves lining the wall. He was a little more relaxed. It was better that Deanna’s parents didn’t see him sitting here sweating because he couldn’t stop thinking about Deanna’s silky pale thighs.
       Deanna ran her hands through her wet hair again. Tim had noted that her hair was darker when it was wet.
       “Why don’t you come upstairs while I get ready?” Deanna suggested.
       There wasn’t a hint in her voice. It was a casual offer and Tim wasn’t going to pass up her hospitality again. He nodded.
       Deanna stood and went out of the room. Tim trailed after her. He followed her up the flight of carpeted stairs. With her back to him he didn’t feel so guilty as his eyes followed up the back of her thighs to where the edge of the T-shirt rubbed against her skin.
       The music was coming from her bedroom. It was an expensive sound system that made Tim envious. He drank in the sight of her expansive bedroom. He calculated her personal room was larger than his parent’s and his bedroom combined and multiplied times two.
       The bed was queen sized with a black comforter draped over it.
       Deanna went to the large wall closet while Tim eased into her domain. She went through the clothes hanging on plastic hangers. From where Tim stood, everything she touched looked black.
       There was a large bathroom off Deanna’s bedroom. The light was on and he could see a shower. The sink next to the toilet was cluttered with female products.
       Tim edged his way to the only available place to sit in the bedroom. The mattress was firm under the soft comforter.
       Deanna selected something from the closet and shut the door. She looked at him while she went to the bathroom.
       “I’ll be out in a minute,” she told him.
       She didn’t close the door all the way when she went into the bathroom. The angle Tim had he could see Deanna’s reflection in the long mirror on the bathroom wall beyond the door. She had her back to the mirror when she pealed off the T-shirt and tossed it to the floor. Tim saw the bikini panties that were snug to her butt. He swallowed sand in his throat and wished he had accepted the offer of a drink. He saw her slip on a black tank style dress that fell over her slim frame. He watched as she made to turn and had made sure he was looking in another direction when she looked at herself in the mirror.
       Deanna walked out of the bathroom. She saw the look on Tim’s face. He felt the flushed cheeks he was showing.
       “Well, how do I look?” she asked and turned in a little circle for him.
       “You’re beautiful.” The words came out of his mouth before he could stop him. When it was said he felt he had never said anything more true in his life.
       “That’s sweet.” Deanna told him. It sounded like she had heard it a thousand times.
       She stepped close to Tim and found his hand.
       Tim felt himself rise off the bed. He was inches away from her, peering into those pale blue eyes. He could feel himself being pulled into them. He watched her moist lips part. He felt Deanna’s cool hand find the nape of his neck. Her hand pressed against him and made his tilt his head for her.
       Deanna’s lips were hot and wet. Her tongue was like sweet candy when it moved into his mouth. She pressed her mouth hard against Tim, holding the sides of his head while she closed her eyes and breathed in his escaping breath.
       Tim’s knees weakened and sweat beaded on his forehead. There was a sensation inside him that he had never experienced before. Deanna’s kiss was intoxicating.
       His knees bumped the edge of the bed and he broke the kiss as he sat on the mattress in a bounce. He was staring at Deanna’s flat stomach. He watched her hands trace the sides of her dress down to her hips. He saw her long fingers on those tiny hands hook the rim of the dress and pull up on it. Before Tim’s helpless eyes Deanna slid the dress up and off her shoulders. Again he found himself staring at her belly. This time it was the bare flesh with the gold ring in her navel. The black bikini panties were lace and see through.
       Deanna pushed him with one hand so he fell against the bed. Deanna climbed on top of him and pressed her mouth against him. Her tongue slipped between his parting lips.
       Tim felt Deanna’s hands on his chest. Her fingers found the buttons that trailed down his chest, undoing each one. When his shirt was open Deanna licked her fingertip and traced it on Tim’s nipple. He shuddered. Deanna’s hand moved down his chest. Her hand slipped easily into his pants.
       Deanna made a move with her hand that set his body on fire. It was a sample gesture with exquisite consequences. Tim felt his body shudder again as his penis was pulled up length wise so it wasn’t pressing against his Haines.
       Deanna kissed Tim hard. She played her teeth on his bottom lip then ran her tongue along his chin to his earlobe. She straddled Tim and ground into his lap. She rubbed his chest with her hands while she stared down at him. He saw her face surrounded in a milky cloud of wet hair.
       Deanna leaned over as she pressed her groin into his again. She moaned and kissed his throat. Tim lifted his chin for her. She bit his flesh lightly.
       Deanna raised her head some so her eyes were level with his.
       “Tim, do you believe in vampires?” she whispered.
       Tim looked at her pale blue eyes. There was something that fell into place about Deanna. She lived the fantasy of believing she actually was a vampire. There were too many movies and fiction novels devoured by her. He figured she had enough money to buy all the clothes she wanted. She had everything that was needed to give herself the appearance of a vampire. He had read about people like her. He never understood the fascination. At that moment with Deanna’s young, firm body pressing against him he didn’t care if she considered herself the Tooth Faerie.
       Tim found himself contemplating his answer carefully. He didn’t want to offend her. He liked having her next to him. Her hands were dancing on his bare chest and the feeling of their touch was sending waves of heat throughout his body.
       “Well, I don’t know,” he said carefully. “I guess anything is possible.”
       Deanna sat up, straddling his groin. “If you knew one, would you say anything to anyone?”
       Tim found himself staring at her eyes again. She was sending signals to him and waiting for the responses that could make or break this encounter. He was determined that losing his virginity to this magnificent creature would be the highlight of his meager little life. He would agree the world was flat and she was Jesus if that’s what it took to feel her wetness slipped around his erection. His eyes played across her breasts and trailed down to her panties. He could see the flesh under the material. He looked back to her face and smiled for Deanna.
       “I think I could keep a secret,” he told her as he put his hands behind his head. “Why do you ask?”
       Deanna bent forward and kissed him again. He felt her tongue alive in his mouth. The sensation he first felt from her kiss was back, only stronger this time. He felt weighted down and lethargic. She ran her hand up the side of his chest to his cheek and up to hold his arms behind his head. He felt her hand close on his arm. She had a strong grip. Deanna sucked on his tongue then on his bottom lip and broke the kiss again. She leaned to the side still holding his arms above his head and opened the drawer in the nightstand by the bed. When she sat up again she put all her weight on his middle. It seemed like she weighed more than her little frame should have.
       Deanna let out a sigh that ended in a moan. She ground her groin into his pants. Tim knew she could feel his erection. He wanted to press himself up into her but couldn’t move against her pressure. She tilted her head up and let out another groan.
       “I can feel it starting,” she said with her head up to the ceiling so Tim couldn’t see her face.
       “Mmm, me too,” Tim agreed as he tried to move his hips.
       Deanna lowered her head and kept her eyes closed. There was a playful smile on her moist lips.
       “I’m a vampire,” she finally told Tim.
       “I had a feeling you were going to say that,” Tim said coolly. “I think I’d like it.” “You can’t be one.” She still had her eyes closed. She held Tim’s arms above his head. Her other hand wasn’t in sight. Tim considered that she had gotten a condom for their pleasures ahead. She would keep it hidden for the anticipation.
       “Why not?” He thought he would go with her role-playing for as long as it took. Deanna had her face in front of his. She was leaning over him. She opened her eyes. “Because you’re not strong enough.”
       “Jesus, what the fuck happened to your eyes?”
       Deanna’s irises had disappeared. There was just the milky void that covered her entire eyes. Tim struggled against her.
       “Let me up.” Tim demanded. He was starting to feel confined and was beginning to panic. Deanna’s grip on his arms tightened and her thighs moved into Tim’s hips so he couldn’t throw her off.
       “Get the fuck off me!”
       “I can’t.” She blinked. Those white pools were still there when she opened her eyes again. She leaned close to kiss him but Tim turned his head, suddenly repulsed. He tried to squirm free. It was a useless struggle. “I’m sorry, Tim.”
       “You don’t plan to…” Tim didn’t finish his thought because she had squeezed with her legs and pushed the wind out of him.
       “It’s the only way.” She tilted her head up. “I don’t want to. I really like you.”
       “Then don’t!” When she turned her head down to see him he tried not to look into those eyes.
       “You don’t understand-”
       “You’re fucking right about that!” He tried struggling but Deanna was much stronger than him.
       “If I don’t, I won’t survive. I-I’ll…Well, it’s hard to explain. I’ll burn up like, like…It’s not a pretty picture. I’ve seen it happen.”
       “You mean there’s more of you? I mean, your kind.”
       “Shit, you make it sound like I’m some sort of monster.”
       Tim stopped struggling and looked into those white wells that were her eyes.
       “Well,” was all he could say for the moment. Then he thought he could point out things to Deanna that she might not know about vampires.
       “You can’t be a vampire. Vampires only come out at night. And you go to school during the day.”
       Deanna shook her head. “There’s more than one kind of vampire, Tim. Do I look like I’m dead?” Tim found himself aware of her body again. He tried to shake his head. “I don’t go around biting people on the neck. But I do need your blood.”
       “This isn’t funny, Deanna!”
       “You think I like this? You think I like having to fucking kill someone every couple days. You know how hard it is to maintain a real life when you’re like me? Think of it as being hereditary.”
       “Your parents are like you?”
       “Something like that. They were like me. Were.”
       Tim wanted to play on her sympathy. “What happened to them?”
       Deanna shook her head and closed her eyes as if she remembered something. The memory brought a grimace to her face. “That was a long time ago. Long before you were even born.”
       Tim tried to comprehend what she had said.
       “I’m not as young as you think I am.”
       “Well, how…How old are you?”
       “That doesn’t matter right now.” Deanna drew closer to Tim. “Look at me! You think I like this? Look at how white my skin is!” She sounded disgusted. “After you I won’t need anymore blood for-for a while.”
       Tim couldn’t imagine what being Deanna would be like. She was unique in every detail and she proved to be much more interesting than masturbating on the Internet.
       “Is he ready?” a voice said from the bedroom doorway.
       Tim saw passed Deanna at the young man standing there shirtless and black jeans. He recognized the young man from the halls of the high school. Tim had seen him in passing. He had been in the hall the day the boy had accused Deanna of killing his friend. His eyes were as milky as Deanna’s.
       “Almost.” Deanna said without looking back.
       “What the fuck is going on?” Tim needed to know.
       “This is my son. He needs to feed as much as I do.” Deanna told Tim.
       “You’re son? But he’s as old as you!”
       Deanna laughed. “Not quite,” she said. She raised her other hand into view. There was a strange curved knife clutched in her fist. The blade looked extremely sharp to Tim.
       “Wait I-” he began to say. His air had been taken out of his words. For a moment he didn’t understand what had happened. Deanna’s movement had been swift and exact. When her arm was visible again the glinting blade was covered in a reddish line along the blade. Tim felt the burning. He saw the young man come into the room and climb onto the bed. Deanna leaned over Tim and kissed the young man’s mouth. It wasn’t a parental kiss but the kiss of lovers.
       “Did you take care of his friend?” she breathed after their lips parted.
       “You’d think all the warnings about drinking and driving would sink in. He probably won’t be found for a while.” The young man with similar features to Deanna, now that Tim saw he up close, looked down at Tim.
       Tim understood that they were discussing Chester and his current demise. If Tim weren’t in the situation he had fallen into he’d find more time to greave for his friend.
       “Now he’s ready,” she whispered.
       Tim’s view dimmed as the two faces of the beautiful people closed in. He felt their drawing at his neck then he grew sleepy. He thought if he closed his eyes and slept for a little while he would be able to get out of this.


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